Welcome to Hoganasgruppen online

At Hoganasgruppen we strive to offer a safe and secure online shopping experience. Hoganasgruppen obviously protects your personal information and only offers safe payment methods from safe and reliable suppliers. Our goal is to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience as we can.


Hoganasgruppen AB reservs itself for possible misprints such as, size, weight, price and amount of products in stock. We can not guanrantee that productpictures represent the product fully for example colur and shape considering the products are handmade.

Products that has seen sent but arent fully paid for remains in Hoganasgruppens possession untill payment has been submitted

All prices on the webshop are including VAT

Right to withdraw:

In correlation to the distance contract act you have 14 days right to withdraw your purchase given that the product havent been used.


Estimated delivery time within Sweden: about 7 days

Estimated delivery time globally: about 7-14 days